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Witnessed Destruction

Secure Shredding made visible!

At SDDC we've got nothing to hide and that's why we're open to visits. We believe that you have the right to actually see your documents being shredded. Whilst we supply a certificate of destruction as standard, 'Witnessed Destruction' is also available at no extra cost! 

What is Witnessed Destruction? 

Witnessed Destruction is our guarantee to you that your documents are being securely destroyed. A process already implemented by a number of government body's Witnessed Destruction is designed to add an additional layer of confidence in our service.

My Current Document Destruction Provider Doesn't Offer Witnessed Destruction?

Some other shredding companies may deny you access due to 'OH&S' or may try to discourage you with excessive viewing fees and charges, but with SDDC you'll get no such treatment. We let you watch so you can rest easy knowing your documents are destroyed, your information is safe and you're complying with the Privacy Law. Can you really be sure that the shredding is happening if you can't watch? 

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