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Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling Sydney

We Also Offer Paper and Cardboard Recycling

How Our Recycling Service Works

Just the same as with document destruction can supply to you Paper Recycling Bins for a scheduled or on-request service.

We can offer either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly “scheduled” service which means our driver comes into your office on a set day, removes the paper recycling bin and delivers a clean empty bin. You don’t need to call us. Extra bins are available should you need for clean-outs. There is no bin rental.

We can offer an “on request” service where you call only when your bin/s are completely full to maximise full usage of the bin with a minimum exchange of the bin every 6 months. Our driver comes into your office on the day we service your area. There is no bin rental.

We can also supply paper recycling bins to be used for one-off clean-outs where you only pay for the bins you use. You may fill the bin/s on the spot or keep the bin/s for up to one month. There is no bin rental.

All documents are not shredded prior to recycling.

Cardboard Recycling

In addition to the paper documents we can also recycle any cardboard you may have. You can either put it in the standard recycling bin or order a cardboard collection where we can take away boxes, posters etc. 

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