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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Shredding and Hard Drive Degaussing Sydney

We Can Securely Destroy Hard Drives

Hard Drives are an incredible piece of technology, however are often neglected after their end of use. Hard Drives can contain hundreds of thousands if not millions of documents and hence improper disposal will leave you open to privacy risks including identity theft. We offer total destruction of your hard drives using two processes, degaussing for traditional hard drives and physical destruction for newer solid state drives (such as USBs, smart phones, tablets, etc.). We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and identifying part or serial numbers from the drives where possible. All materials are recycled after destruction where possible. 

Hard Drive Degaussing

Our Hard Drive Degaussing service complies with international regulations and our machines are accredited on the NSA Evaluated Product List (2014). This service can also be conducted on-site, and serial numbers are recorded and attached to the certificate of destruction where possible. 

Physical Destruction of Solid State Drives

We can shred all types of solid state hard drives, including those contained in smart phones, tablets and USB drives. Serial numbers will be provided wherever possible (Note: Smart Phones and USB will not usually contain these numbers). 

We cover all areas of Sydney and E-waste Drop-off is also available. 

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