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About Secure Document Destruction Company

Secure Shredding and Our Story

Established over a decade ago, SDDC was originally a husband and wife team operating from Western Sydney. Since then the company has grown to be one of the largest independents in Australia, operating throughout New South Wales with partners in every state. Despite this growth we've always maintained a simple mission statement; to guarantee security and provide a professional service when handling your information. 

We're also proud to say that we were the first in Australia to achieve the highest NAID certification, the AAA Accreditation. Following this, founder Anthony, was elected to represent Australasia on NAID's International Board of Directors and has advised governments of privacy issues pertaining to the physical destruction of documents. 

How Our Services Works

We give a full guarantee from the time of pick-up to complete destruction. We issue a Certificate of Destruction freely, unconditionally and automatically on completion of each and every shredding job to guarantee legal responsibility. Every document is transported in a secure vehicle to a warehouse where they are shredded under full security and video surveillance. We are registered with the Federal Office Of The Privacy Commissioner as an organisation that has adopted the National Privacy Principles as our standard when dealing with personal information meaning we are totally compliant with the Privacy Act of 1988 and the 2014 Australian Privacy Principles! 

"We believe in a simple approach"

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, school, hardware shop, employment agency, hairdresser, plumber, we all have documents like old tax returns, bank books, statements, reports, diaries etc that need shredding or just recycling at some stage or maybe you just want that space back! We can provide a simple solution to suit every business with their shredding/recycling needs by shredding a whole range of products and providing either a one-off or an on-going service.

In this highly complicated and competitive world we now live in, we try our best to keep this necessary and compulsory part of your business as simple as possible!

"So, what's the cost?"

The price you are quoted for the service is it! We don't have any extra charges meaning we have NO bin rental, NO bin hire, NO delivery or pick-up fees, NO charges for the "Certificate of Destruction", NO surcharges, NO fuel levies. If you use our Document Destruction and/or Paper recycling bins they can stay in your office for free for up to 6 months until they need to be collected.

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SDDC In The Community

In 2011 we began SDDC in the Community. Determined to give back we started sourcing, storing and sending medicines and medical equipment to a host of hospitals throughout South East Asia. We've also been involved in sending containers of school supplies to remote areas of Papua New Guinea. As of 2014 we've successfully helped facilitate over one hundred thousand dollars worth of aid including millions of omega 3 tablets and a large number of electronic hospital beds.