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What standards does your company have?

What standards does your company have?

  • Having your own secure plant/facility
  • Owning your own Australian Government’s T4 SCEC endorsed shredding machinery which shreds the documents to an international standard
  • Have installed fully operational CCTV surveillance cameras with a 90 day back-up
  • Have installed fully operational back-to-base security monitoring
  • Having a time frame in which the documents must be destroyed
  • Secure collection vehicles with T4/SCEC endorsed locks & tamper-proof hinges
  • Initial & then random police, drug & alcohol checks for all employees
  • Controlled access of employees including signed confidentiality agreements
  • Annual audits and unannounced audits
  • Having all full & current insurances including Public Liability, Business, Motor Vehicle and Workers Compensation.
  • Having current business registration and motor vehicle registrations
  • Having a contract with a reputable recycling paper source.

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