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Mobile Shredding

Mobile Shredding Now Available Across Sydney 

SDDC is proud to announce the introduction of our new onsite shredding service. SDDC can now offer one of the most comprehensive processes within Australia and the world, covering both the traditional offsite service and the new onsite, mobile shredding practices. SDDC can also handle all e-waste destruction and recycling.

Mobile Shredding Services Sydney Secure Destruction  On-site Shredding Services Sydney Secure Destruction

How Mobile Shredding Works

Mobile or Onsite Shredding is a process whereby all your information is securely destroyed by an industrial grade shredding machine, housed in the back of our mobile facility. The process is completely sealed and automated; at no point do your documents even come into contact with human hands. The locked bin is removed from your site and wheeled to our truck, the bin is then placed under an enclosed chute where it is lifted and the contents are tipped into the on-board shredder. The shredding is captured on CCTV and you can watch the destruction in real time.

Why Use SDDC For Your Mobile Shredding?

SDDC is different from most existing shredding organisations as it encompasses both on and offsite shredding. Organisations that offer onsite shredding without their own offsite shredding facility place you and your information at risk. Unfortunately machinery and vehicles sometimes breakdown; unlike many other organisations if the SDDC mobile service is out for any period our proven, AAA accredited offsite processes kick in, saving you any hassle or risk. Witnessing the destruction is still welcomed to all concerned parties, with information transported and shredded at our own secure facility.

Many organisations require staff to witness the offsite destruction process on every occasion however this can be an unrealistic task when the security bins are swapped at regular intervals. Our onsite shredding processes allow for this witnessed destruction to occur at your location via our Closed circuit TV monitoring.

Our self-contained shredding truck stores all shredded material internally, ensuring no waste or mess is left at your site. All shredded papers are also environmentally recycled, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done the best to protect your information and helped the planet doing so!

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

Not only can we destroy your paper records onsite we can now also offer onsite hard drive destruction. The mobile shredding truck is equipped with a hydraulic hole punch that skewers the hard drives before locking them away for recycling. We can also offer onsite hard drive degaussing whereby we degauss the drives using our NSA / DoD Approved Degausser at your facility. 

To book our new Mobile Shredding Service or order an Onsite Hard Drive Destruction, call us on 02 9749 9337 click below: 

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