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Secure Document Shredding Traps

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Unfortunately we still hear regularly that there are companies all over Australia that are promising document shredding services to their customers, who then palm off the work to another company. Basically the practice presents a major security problem to the client who orders the document shredding. Why is this a problem?

Firstly if a company does not do their own document shredding then they have to store the documents somewhere before shredding - this means that your sensitive documents are sitting idle somewhere, perhaps in a skip at the back of the premises or somewhere similarly non-secure. 

Secondly, there is no guarantee that the documents will in fact be shredded and disposed of securely, given that the original shredding company has to 'offload' the work to a third party.

Thirdly, it would be almost certain that the company providing the initial shredding will not provide a certificate of destruction. This certificate is crucial in that it protects your company from any potential fines as result of an audit. There will soon be new legislation introduced into parliament to ensure that companies who do not protect their own and their clients information will be fined heavily.

It is vital that you only use a NAID certified company who does their own document shredding - this ensures that you will be provided with a certificate, and that all security measure are followed.

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