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Recycling eWaste Saves our Economy

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One of the biggest environmental problems affecting Australia today is the proliferation of eWaste.

Australia is one of the top 10 consumers of electronics goods in the world, but our rate of recycling electronic wage - or eWaste - is very low. Recent estimates suggest we as a nation only recycle around 9 - 10% of computers and laptops, and figures for other forms of ewaste such as televisions and microwaves are much lower. As consumers and businesses continue to purchase electronics and computers in even greater numbers, the current rates of recycling are simply unsustainable. There is a limit to how much ewaste can go into landfill.

Under the Federal Governmment's National Waste Policy, and various State Government laws and schemes, there is a building mandate upon businesses to recycle eWaste responsibly. In the near future we believe that eWaste Recycling will be compulsory, so it is our recommendation that businesses develop a recycling plan which includes their plans for ewaste recycling. 

In the meantime, we offer comprehensive e Waste disposal services to assist businesses in keeping their offices and warehouses free of superseded and end of lifecycle electronic waste. 

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