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National Identity Fraud Awareness Week

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A yearly campaign will soon be underway - National Identity Fraud Awareness Week - which runs from October 13 to 19. The week helps raise awareness about identity fraud, and the steps that you can take as business to address fraud.

Figures from the last study done in 2011, shows a staggering $1.4 billion was lost as a result of identity fraud; and this was only on a private citizen level, not including the amount lost by businesses. As with many things, the simplest things can make a really big difference: simply by altering a few practices in your business, you can reduce or even totally stamp out the possibility of identity fraud. As we mentioned in previous posts, current legislation (and future laws coming down the track), will make it compulsory for your business to enact certain security practices.

So what are some of the simple things you can do to reduce the possibility of identity fraud:

  • Set up an internal policy regarding the processes to be followed for all waste paper, media and old computers and electronic equipment (we offer a free DVD and document security training program for your staff to assist in this process)
  • Have dedicated bins in your office for all business documents and material that must be securely shredded
  • Ensure that you use a fully certified Document Destruction company to dispose of and destroy all your business documents. Make sure that the company you choose is NAID certified. 
  • Finally, make absolutely certain that whoever does your document shredding provides you with an authentic certificate of destruction - this is very important in the event of you being audited for security.

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