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Importance of Shredding Services to Your Organization

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Shredding services provide you and your business with a way of ensuring that the secrets of your business or family are protected. The importance of these services to your organization makes it paramount that you choose the best company for the job. Consequently, the following factors should be put into consideration when hiring a shredding company. 

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Document Destruction Company

The Certifications of the Company: Getting the relevant information about the Certifications of a particular company is the key to understanding their ability to complete the task. When it comes to Document Destruction the only Certification that matters is NAID AAA. This is the international standard in shredding and is a requirement for Data Destruction around the world. Anyone can be a member of NAID, but only those companies that adhere to a stringent set of guidelines will achieve AAA Accreditation. SDDC was the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to be awarded AAA.  

Cost: In Document Destruction, as in life, you get what you pay for. The Shredding Industry in Australia is quite unregulated and there's no shortage of cowboys out to take your money and run. Your information is too valuable to be trusted to the cheapest price. When calling around for quotes always demand Witnessed Destruction, if the company cites OH&S restrictions or tries to discourage your viewing with excessive fees and charges, read between the lines! 

Services: Understanding the services which are provided by the shredding companies is also important when choosing a shredding company. Information such as the number of times they pick up the documents to be shredded and the urgency by which such documents are destroyed is important when choosing a company. 

Skills and Equipment: Does the company have the necessary equipment and skilled staff for effective shredding services? The staff of the organizations should be properly trained, police checked and have high integrity so as to avoid any chance of being compromised. Additionally, the company’s shredders should also be able to destroy wide range of documents from papers to DVDs and CDs.

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