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e Waste Recycling Facts

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eWaste collection and destruction sounds simple but there are many things to consider if you are going to entrust a company to take care of potentially critical waste. It's not the same as having the rubbish collectors collect rubbish from your house each week. There is planning and research to be done, but a good disposal company can help take the headaches out of the process.

If you look at it objectively there are really only two stages to the ewaste process: 1. The equipment and data is collected at your office or business; 2. The e-waste is taken away and disposed of. The first step is fairly simple on your part in terms of identifying all equipment that needs to be disposed of, matching it to any stock controls or assets lists that you keep, ensuring that all equipment has an EOL/replacement plan, and that all departments and offices ensure that all ewaste is collected at a central point ready for collection.

Next comes the hard part - who do you trust to take away and dispose of materials that could become a privacy nightmare? We have all read horror stories about customer data being retrieved and used, or hacked from supposedly 'destroyed' hard disks, and the reality is that you must only surrender your ewaste to a properly certified company that maintains a strict system of checks and balances that will protect you and your organisation from any future liability for data theft.

Any company that you hire to collect and recycle e-waste must have the following:

  • Plain unmarked vehicles and trucks
  • Security cleared staff
  • Closed circuit TV security monitoring
  • A certification system where you are supplied a certificate of destruction once the disposal is complete
  • And most importantly, the assurance that the company you hire does not 'pass on' the waste to a further company who may or may not follow any kind of security processes

There are only a few companies in Sydney who can do all the above for you, and ensure that you are fully protected - they are AAA rated NAID certified companies. Make sure you do you research and your e waste disposal exercise will go without a hitch.

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